Facilities & Resources

Resources & Facilities at Caltech Engineering

The company has about 14000 sq ft. of RCC covered area in Patencheru, the industrial hub of Telangana state.

The unit is well equipped with latest machinery which includes 11 lathe machines, 1 CNC lathe machine, 3 milling machines, 1 CNC milling machine, surface grinder, cylindrical grinders, rotary drilling machines, 1300 bar Booster pump (for hydraulic testing of components), 400 bar Booster pump (for pneumatic testing of components). Complete set of sophisticated Metrological instruments are available with sophisticated test Rigs for checking dimensional conformity and functional reliability of the product.

Our testing equipments include Hydraulic power pack, Integrated Flow Test Tank, Pneumatic Test setup with Armored Chamber, Hydraulic Hand Pump, Flow Test Tank, Test setup with Pressure Regulator and hand valves, Compressor, Pneumatic Operated Hydraulic Pump , Hydraulic Cylinder, Pressure Gauges, Electronic Weighing machines, D.C. Power supply Unit, Spring Load Testing machine, Spring Compression and Scraging Machine, Hardness Testing for Shore Hardness, test setup including hydro pump which can test valves upto 1300 bar hydraulic pressure. Test set up and test rigs for each and every type of valve and control system has been created in our test area to perform life cycle tests, to ensure long term operation of each type of valve and to ensure reliability.

We employ about 35 Mechanical and technical staff. Our highly skilled, dedicated and well trained staff is well versed in the field of designing and manufacturing components using the latest technology. Our design office consists of well-equipped Desktop Computer Systems and laptops with latest operating systems.

Our Facility

Caltech Engineering designs & manufactures complex products and solutions for the Aerospace, Navy and related industries.